March 10, 2020

“Annual Update” replaces the concept of “Editions” for the OPLG in 2020.

Greetings from the Ontario Public Library Guidelines Monitoring and Accreditation Council;

As part of our innovative and dynamic approach to the future of the Ontario Public Library Guidelines, I am delighted to announce that in early 2020, as approved by the OPLG Council, we will be issuing our first “Annual Update” of the Guidelines.  This new approach will expand and develop the detail of our tools, increasing their usefulness for all public libraries.

The new “Annual Update” replaces the concept of “Editions.”  After extensive reflection and discussion around our table over several meetings, your representatives concluded that the Edition system was no longer agile enough for the rapidly evolving environment in Ontario’s public libraries. In its place, the annual update, articulated by the OPLG Council, will enable nimbler guideline-by-guideline adjustments to be conducted at need, and posted annually, as opposed to the Edition system’s 3-5 year cycle.

The Council will launch each Annual Update in the first quarter of each calendar year, along with an informational memo highlighting essential changes.  The Update will be communicated on our website as well as through our partners at the Ontario Library Service agencies. 

We are confident that this new format will showcase the vital evolution of our documents and tools in the most efficient way, thus giving your public libraries the key information you need to maintain your status as an accredited public library in Ontario.

Stay tuned for our very first update, coming soon in early 2020!

With our best regards for the new decade,

Elise C. Cole, Chair
Ontario Public Libraries Guidelines Monitoring and Accreditation Council

The Ontario Public Library Guidelines are developed by the Ontario public library community to help improve the quality of public library service across the province. 
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