What are the Ontario Public Library Guidelines and what are the benefits of accreditation?

The Ontario Public Library Guidelines are developed by the Ontario public library community to help improve the quality of public library service across the province. The Guidelines are important not only for libraries pursuing accreditation but as a process for boards, CEOs, and library staff to assess their governance, management, and services against best practices.  Libraries can work with the guidelines to develop a comprehensive process and plan for improvement. 

Accreditation supports ongoing library development, performance measurement, and public library advocacy work in your community. Public libraries who meet the guidelines requirements can request a formal audit and accreditation will be granted to those achieving a successful result. 

Key Benefits of Accreditation:

  • Evaluation of local library service and direction for development
  • Improved accountability
  • Assistance in the planning process
  • Consistency of public library service across Ontario
  • Enhancement of the library’s position in the community and with funding bodies